Neus Ventura - Profile -Perfil

my name is Neus
and I am an architect
of the soul.

My mission is to guide you to release the pain and fear trapped in you, to be able to connect again with your heart, your capacity to love and receive love.
Releasing the drama, the pain of loss, guilt, addictions or trauma together with what you thought was love, will allow you to forgive the past, feel hope and experience authentic unconditional love as the pillar of your life.

My purpose is to show you how to understand, heal and trust fully in your soul, so that you can open yourself to experience true alignment, self-love, joy, and happiness.

Everything that you looked for or that you are still looking for is already in you. Allow me to guide you to get to know yourself with vision and clarity.


As a child, when I looked towards the sky, I looked for something among the stars that gave me answers to better understand myself and the universe that surrounds us. When I looked down, in my environment, I always wanted to help others, it was and it is innate in me.

Creativity and love for drawing led me to study architecture. Especially interested in art, I dedicated myself to create exhibitions. I materialized with empathy and vision spaces with the soul of many stories. Then I understood the importance of the experience of the senses exposed to perception and how light was the key to allow the soul of a space to be filled with the energy of the people who inhabited it.

Satisfied with these experiences but suffering from stress and migraines, I decided to search the answer towards my health, through the study and practice of different meditation and massage techniques. After studying Biomedicine at the Edinburgh Naturopathic School of Medicine and solved my migraines, Theta Healing appeared in my life, such a blessing! A short time later I embarked on the hardest, most intense and rewarding experience of my life: the accompaniment of my mother’s illness, the understanding and the witnessing of the healing of her soul and her subsequent death.

With all that I have learned, I know that it is our responsibility to heal every emotion, to learn what is behind it, to forgive and to forgive us. Living appreciating the challenge of continuous transformation, means being alive and doing it healthywise. Learning the right tools to know yourself, understand and use your energy but do it with unconditional love and purpose, will allow you to connect with your soul and release any traumatic experience. And this is my mission, that you finish the search and heal your past now.

I am an architect of the soul, entrepreneur, coach of creative teams and instructor of Theta Healing (children, youth and adults). I offer you a series of services so you can start your journey, choosing which suits you best. Now is the time for transformation and deep understanding of your vortex of energy in this life time.

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, although I travel frequently to my hometown, Valencia and other beautiful places like Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden to continue expanding the practice of love and light among more people. We live in a time where finally our souls are calling for conscious evolution. Thanks for wanting to transform, we all win when we love ourselves.


European Entrepreneur Programme Awarded 2018

Master ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor
Crystal Viewing (Past-life Regression) Practitioner
EFT Tapping Practitioner
Diploma of Holistic Massage Therapist by MTI UK
Biomedicine Diploma: Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology. CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine UK

Master in Exhibition Design & Management
Bsc Architect – FP with Honors