Are you ready to leave behind everything that keeps you in the same situation again and again and prevents you from shining with your own light? Do you want to know what is really behind that tiredness, your demotivation and that latent confusion? Are you ready to understand and resolve the reasons for your unsatisfactory relationships, procrastination and lack of love in what you do?

The sessions of Theta Healing will allow you to root out habits and past situations in a very effective, fast and revealing way. In addition to giving you the keys to move forward and embrace your life in the best and highest way, generating those changes you really want at all levels.

In each session you will discover the cause of your blockages, you will identify the reason for their existence and you will be able to solve them definitively, generating new situations in your life where you will feel that you are freely deciding without what unconsciously limited you before.

During a session, Neus will ask you what you want to solve and will guide you to the Theta state where the work of inquiry or limiting beliefs will begin on the four levels of your subconscious.
What you think is true is not exactly what your subconscious believes. Your subconscious, almost 90% of your mind takes over your memories, your emotions, and your beliefs, that’s why the work in these sessions generate great changes since you solve what you were not aware of directly.

All the beliefs that arise, you will be able to resolve them in the root session, in addition to receiving the learning or downloading of feelings that allows you to create the new in your life. After a session the clients feel very peaceful, confident, knowing that it is possible for them to experience and live with fullness, peace, joy, love, and health.


1 session 60min | £88

1 session 90min | £95

1 session 30min  | £71

For those who want to work weekly.
Valid for 2 months after purchase.

5 sessions 60min | £385

5 sessions 90min | £440



Neus Ventura - Couching

Your subconscious mind protects you from any new situation because it is it mission. Your mission is to understand it and learn tools to access your full potential and be the best version of yourself.

I invite you to a 3 month program where you will solve the backpack of your past, align yourself with yourself and create what you really want in your life. Transform your vortex is for those individuals who want to work daily in their personal development, who are prepared to see their shadows to solve them, put order, gain tools and be pro-actively responsible for their lives.

If you are in the middle of a professional change. If you know you want to start, you do not know where to start. If you want to gain more security and make decisions that take you where you want to go. If you know that it is time to understand you better so that everything works for you personally and at work. If you want to take control of your life and your happiness, honestly, this is your program.

In these three months you will solve that which has unconsciously held you back and has kept you in your comfort zone. Our subconscious mind protects us from any new situation, it is your mission to generate blockages, doubts and fears to protect you. It is your mission to understand it to use access to your full potential. Here you are given the tools but the limits are only going to put you. Prepared?

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